The Wizard "King" is a Wizard and claims himself as a king, although he rules no kingdom. He lives in a small brick castle. He is obese and greedy. He once lived in the mortal world, but dicovered magic and became a wizard and went to this dimension. He wears mortal clothes. He captures mortal children and takes them to his miniature castle and makes them his slaves. He claims he shrinks some of them and forces them to entertain him if they refuse he smashes them. Some of the others he makes clean his castle, make his beds, bring him his food, pick his teeth and wash his clothing. The others he makes rub his stinky feet, wash his feet, clean his earwax, shave his hair, be his foot rests, compliment him and if they don't do that he will shrink them and put them in his stinky mortal tennishoes. All of them must call him master of great man. He lies about his talent at magic. He only knows a few spells. He calls all of his personal children servants "pets" and renamed them. Everyone else ( ice vampires, candy people, dominoes etc.) in the dimension despise him. Most of his "pets" sleep in a giant cage ( behind bars in the cellar of the castle). The shrunken ones sleep under his bed in a hamster cage. He is the one I know most about. He really wants to enslave the Ice Vampire Queen and Princess Candy Cane, that's his primary goal in life. He is fat, with whiskers (a beard shaved off), either wears mortal sweatpants and t shirt or mortal shorts. He has stinky toenails ( which his slaves have to cut), and a hairy chest. He only feeds his personal servants bread and butter and milk. He is very greedy and evil. Once, he attempted capture Princess Candy Cane. She caught him and sent him back.According to a spy of the Domino King, a shrunken servant was crying for his mommy. The wizard king took him out of his cage, tied him to a string, pulled on the back of his sweat pants, lowered the child down near his buttocks and said, rudely, "I think I have an itch on my a$*!, Child, can you Please scratch it?" He lowered the child down closer to his buttox. The child hesitated. The wizard king yelled, "ITCH IT OR I'LL SMASH YOU!" The child began to scratch. Then, the wizard king grinned slyly. Then, he let out a huge fart And laughed. The domino kings spy then told me that the child fell out of his pants. He had killed the the child with human gas!!! The wizard king picked up the child, carried him to the Lavratory, and flushed him down the toilet.the domino spy ran away and told me then the domino king.