Princess Candy Cane Licorice Sugar Bubble gum Suzy Lou is the ruler of the Candy Land Kingdom.She has bright pink skin, Licorice hair, minty green dress, with a crown with candy hearts on it. She does not wear shoes and her nails and toe nails are peanut brittle. She tries to negotiate with the Ice Vampire Queen but the Ice Vampire Queen loathes people like Princess Candy Cane and refuses.She takes bath in hot chocolate with whip cream as bubbles, as it makes her look young. She resides in Candy Land Kingdom in a Chocolate/Candy cane/Ice cream castle. She is super nice and joyful, but very clumsy. She has a degree in Glycomics, or the study of sugar. She has a personal bubblegum servant named bubble bob. She has never dated or married anyone. She is 23 years of age. Her favorite color is rainbow. She has several pink flamingos that pull her sleigh that flies. She is part candy person part human.